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Parking management

We offer different Intelligent Recharging Solutions for Electric Vehicles to optimise EFFICIENCY in your premises.

Intelligent recharging of electric vehicles

Each one of the solutions has a specific functionality which currently cover the range of possibilities open to us:
  • Intelligent Recharge System for car parks:
    • A solution for integration with Car Park Payment Systems.
    • A solution for integration with Parking Metres
    • A domestic solution for Residents Associations
The aim of intelligent vehicle recharging is the following:
  • Intelligent recharging with the choice to charge during off peak hours, the duration of the recharge time and controlled so as to avoid a collapse in the electricity network.
  • Prepayment Systems so that users can pay correctly the energy consumed by their vehicle.
  • Systems which are totally safe and intuitive for use by users.
Public turnover car parks whether underground or within buildings are an ideal place to install equipment for the recharge of vehicles given that they have security or control and users can feel more secure leaving their vehicles plugged in in a supervised environment.

According to the plans of the Spanish government, under the so called Plan Movele, there will be 1,000,000 electric vehicles in 2014 driving on the roads and in cities. According to the Spanish Association of car park operators (ASESGA), there are 1,200,000 car-parking places.

In Spain, there are currently around 27,000,000 vehicles registered which, on the basis of a rule of three, means that there should be 44,000 car parking places in 2014 equipped to provide service to the fleet of vehicles which will be on the roads.

These are theoretical calculations but it is a reality that the car-parking sector must prepare itself to provide a service to users and to create customer loyalty through such a service and by betting on the environmentally friendly vehicle.

The electric car is a new business for car parking operators:
  • Profitable income in a new concept
  • Savings in maintenance and ventilation
  • Loyalty and comfort for customer and employees

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