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Bitek telecomunicaciones
Telecomunicacion Red WIFI Television IP gestion de parking carteleria digital seguridad comunicacion

Our engineering
We are a reference point in relation to the implementation of integrated telecommunications solutions and integration with other complementary systems.
  • We understand the needs of the client, offering the client a solution which meets such needs in an optimum manner.
  • We carry out turnkey installations and develop bespoke software so as to offer tailored solutions.
  • We can flexibly integrate heterogeneous technologies, software and equipment.
  • Bespoke solutions

    We look for tailored solutions in all our projects, analysing the real needs of our clients so as to offer the most appropriate solution. Thanks to our development capability, for those projects which require a high degree of specificity (such as
    integrations with other systems, special technological components etc.) we design and develop bespoke solutions, completely adapting ourselves to the real needs of the client.

    Please call us without any obligation on 943004095 (Gipuzkoa) or write to us at: