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Our engineering "Turnkey" projects Technology Consulting
We are a reference point in relation to the implementation of integrated telecommunications solutions and integration with other complementary systems.
  • We understand the needs of the client, offering the client a solution which meets such needs in an optimum manner.
  • We carry out turnkey installations and develop bespoke software so as to offer tailored solutions.
  • We can flexibly integrate heterogeneous technologies, software and equipment.

Bitek can offer its clients turnkey projects for the installation and maintenance of diverse systems within the telecommunications, security and communications sectors.

Accordingly, we can carry out integrated videosurveillance VoIP projects, Digital Advertising, WiMAX, car parking management, CPD installations, fibre optic laying, etc. In all cases, Bitek can also assume the maintenance work relating to the same should the client so require.

Our wide range of knowledge and experience is available to you in relation to implementing integrated telecommunications and communications systems in the IP world and in providing support and advice in the design process and implementation in your facilities.

We provide strategic consultancy in relation to work procedures, policies and plans to be implemented as well as technology consultancy regarding the most appropriate equipment and systems so that the optimum solution can be implemented, both at the level of cost as well as functionality.

Please call us without any obligation on 943004095 (Gipuzkoa) or write to us at: